•   almost 2 years ago

Do we need a space for teams?


I am a member of a team but not sure about any designated space for teams in this hackathon. Do we only need to indicate the team and its members for the project submission?


  • Manager   •   almost 2 years ago

    Raa, are you asking about working cloud space or just how to note on your submission who is on your team?

  •   •   almost 2 years ago

    My question was more about how to note or mention if we work as a group. So, my teammates seem among the people who look for teammates (they seem still open for team-up). And I already sent a request to them to team up. Is that the whole process? When the people team up, there won't be any merged group profiles, right?

  • Manager   •   almost 2 years ago

    Hi Raa. When you start a new project, the first step is to invite teammates. Once you invite teammates and finish creating the project, all team members will see that project from their individual accounts.

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